Thermo-latent curing agents for low temperature 1K epoxy adhesive applications

For many decades Dicyandiamide (DICY) has been the thermo latent curing agent of choice for structural 1K epoxy adhesives. But DICYs come with one big downside: The very high activation temperatures needed to achieve acceptable curing times. Accelerators can make an improvement, but always with the drawback of reduced shelf-life. To support formulators and offer them a great deal of flexibility for the design of low temperature curing structural 1K epoxy adhesives, Evonik has developed a series of alternative thermo latent curing agents: the Ancamine® Specialties range. In this webinar you learn how our versatile toolbox of epoxy curing agents, including Ancamine® 2014 AS/FG, Ancamine® 2337S and Ancamine® 2441 modified amines can help you achieve curing temperatures from as low as 70°C, fast green strength development and glass transition temperatures of up to 114°C. In addition, you will see how Evonik’s amines can also be utilized as an accelerator, or co-accelerator for DICY-based adhesive systems. Discover how the many benefits of Evonik’s Ancamine® Specialties range of thermo latent hardeners and accelerators can contribute to improved efficiency and sustainability with their excellent shelf-life stabilities even at elevated temperature storage - the most important prerequisites for the design of structural 1K epoxy adhesives developed for low temperature curing processes.

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