PUR-silane hybrid systems - Easy to apply, self-curing clear coats for professional and DIY use

Are you struggling to find a solution that gives you the scratch resistant coatings benefits you need, is easy to work with and is environmentally friendly? With Evonik’s VESTANAT® EP-E grades you get the perfect match. Our new silane/polyurethane hybrid crosslinkers enable our customers to formulate high-performing coatings, but with very low emissions. This new technology platform is suitable for a variety of substrates and offers solutions that deliver strong results for both professional and DIY applications. VESTANAT® EP-E grades are based on pre-reacted polyurethanes and moisture-curing ethoxysilane technology to ensure high-performance in terms of durability and scratch resistance. They can be used as a sole binder in 1K coatings or as an additive in 2K coating systems. The EP-E grades offer full formulation freedom in terms of flexibility, durability and reactivity. They all exhibit outstanding performance profiles with regard to both mechanical and chemical properties. These environmentally friendly crosslinkers also only contain small amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them suitable for both professional use and do-it-yourself applications. Coatings formulated with VESTANAT® E 95 are very easy to handle and apply as they cure at room temperature and are touch dry within one hour. In the scope of this webinar, we will demonstrate the handling and performance attributes of our novel PUR-Silane Hybrid systems which can provide solutions to help you develop low emission coatings, while still achieving a highly sustainable performance.

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