Novel, non-metal graphene nanoplatelet hybrid anti-corrosive system

Graphene’s two-dimensional structure in the nanoplatelet form results in very high aspect ratio, high surface area materials which are particularly suited for use as multi-functional additives in paints and coatings. The mechanism by which graphene delivers anticorrosion has been proposed to be a combination of physiochemical process restricting uptake of water (combined with oxygen and salt) and electrochemical. Previously, AGM has developed and reported meaningful anticorrosive performance gains in epoxy coatings for C3 (ISO12944) environments, against zinc phosphate systems, using a novel “green” primer solution incorporating graphene nanoplatelets. Performance on ASTM G85 prohesion test was extended from 1000 to 5000 hours when using graphene in combination with metal free active inhibitors. This paper will discuss the extension of use of AGM’s graphene nanoplatelets into C4 and C5 type environments, benchmarking against zinc rich systems.

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