Introduction of low viscosity HDI-polyisocyanates for super high-solid formulations

This presentation will show how low viscosity HDI-polyisocyanates will perform in polyaspartic application and airless spray application. The use of ultra-low viscosity HDI-polyisocyanate in polyaspartic application lead to keep coating performance such as drying property, hardness and weatherability while lowering the viscosity of the formulation (while attaining VOC reduction) than the standard viscosity trimer. This is a result of the trimer structure being the main component in this grade. Furthermore, when it is desired to make a solvent-less formulation, our ultra-low viscosity HDI-polyisocyanate is considered to be optimum. When the ultra-low viscosity HDI-polyisocyanate is used to the airless spray application, chemical resistance can be improved higher than the standard viscosity trimer. This is a result of better compatibility with polyol. In addition, we commercialized new series of low monomer content type (standard viscosity trimer at first) for future restriction of diisocyanate <0.1wt% in Europe.

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