Fast drying 2K waterborne PU: Highly reactive wood coatings systems using novel polyols and crosslinkers

2K solvent-borne polyurethane (2K SB PU) is still today the dominant technology for wood coatings. Sustainability is becoming more important and this comes with the increasing need for alternatives to reduce VOC on coatings. Water-borne (WB) based solutions are already available in the market, but you need to choose between fast drying systems with lower performance or keep the 2K SB PU performance using 2K WB PU technology but being slower in drying. We present a new hydrophilic polyisocyanate, Bayhydur® quix 306-70, the first crosslinker in the market, which allows 2K WB PU to be as fast as 2K SB PU, especially when combined with some polyols. The use of OH functional polyurethanes like Bayhydrol® U 2755/1 will allow you to get the best mechanical properties with the reactivity of the standard 2K SB PU systems.

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