Desmophen NH 1423 - The next Generation Pasquick® - Polyaspartics technology

The chemistry of polyaspartic coatings, first introduced in the early 1990s, is today a well-established state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to their unique property profile polyaspartic coatings are used today in a large variety of applications. Nowadays there are increasing requirements for better gloss retention of pigmented top coats, especially in applications like general industrial, railway coatings and ACE. By using Desmophen® NH 1423 it is possible to formulate pigmented top coats with significantly increased gloss retention and appearance compared to standard polyaspartic systems. In automotive refinish applications Pasquick® technology enables the coating manufacturer to formulate clearcoats and primer surfacer drying shortly at ambient temperature without need for oven. The new product Desmophen® NH 1423 fulfils requirements for fast drying refinish clearcoats with further improved resin quality. As Desmophen® NH 1423 contains a significantly reduced amount of fumaric acid diethylester (< 0,1 wt.-%) it contributes to better working place hygiene and sustainability.

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