Angus: Addressing the emerging environmental and performance challenges of tomorrow with multifunctional additives and ingredients

The multifunctionality of amino alcohols provides extraordinary value in environmental and performance improvements in a multitude of applications. In industrial water-based Direct-To-Metal formulations, AMP-95™ and DMAMP-80™, used as a co-dispersant, interact with the paint and coating ingredients, and improve their application performances. AMP-95™ improves organic pigment dispersions, optimizes the levels of pigments and primary dispersants and enhances the color of tinting systems and coatings formulations. In solvent-based alkyds, AMP-95 reduces the content of VOCs and overall formulation costs by a partial water addition. ANGUS multifunctional additives are used to improve emissions and interior air quality of waterborne formulations. Added to architectural paints and air filtration applications, certain amino alcohols create functional coatings that improve indoor air quality.

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